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myBoxLog not only offers an Online-Leaderboard that pleases the eye, it also includes Org-Tools, that help you to organize your events. From registration to calculation the winning score you can count on myBoxLog.

Following features will be available with the myBoxLog Leaderboard:


The Competition-Profile is the public presentation of your event. Here you can answer all the major questions: What? When? Where? Why? For whom? How much? Additionally to video clips and pictures you can show a countdown on here. All important event information can be put here. In the end your fantasy is the limit. What ever you want to communicate (like Timetables, WODs, etc.), the Competition-Profile got some space for that.


The centre of any competition is the Leaderboard. Always up to date it shows the ranking of the athletes/teams per Workout and in total. A full text search makes it easy to find people or teams.


Participants can register for the event on their own or the event organizer does that. Should a participants limit be set, the waiting list helps implementing a fair process for when participants should cancel their registration. It is to track a participants payment status. It is possible to add profile pictures for every athlete, that will be shown in the Leaderboard.

Staff Management

You can manage your staff or your event team. You can choose from the following groups: Admin (Competition or Scoring), Judge, Volunteer and Account Manager. Every group has its own set of privileges that help them do their job.

Divisions/Competition Groups

You can split your competition into different groups. It is your choice whether you want split them up in Teams, Female/Male or by Age.
For each group multiple competition rounds with their own workouts can be defined.


Scoring is done per workout using a graphical user interface. It is possible to score by value (Rounds, Reps, Kilogramm, Meter etc.) or by time. Scores are published after they are confirmed. You can use a continuous score or you drop to zero e.g. for the final workout.
We support the classic scoring system (Position=Points, lowest total wins) or a scoring system where you define the scores (highest total wins).


While using the Online-Leaderboard is in your hands, we offer an additional service called Ranking-Management for your event. We take care of what you don't have time to do or want to give into professional hands. This is a small selection of our additional services.

  • myBoxLog-Team On-Site: We do the scoring.
  • myBoxLog-Tech On-Site: We bring the whole offline package, to make our Leaderboard viewable on site. This includes screens, computer, network appliance and many more.
  • Live-Reporting: We take care of posting to social media sites, that supporter who stayed home and other interested people can follow your event in real time.
  • Scorecards: We have a ton of experience creating optimized scorecards, that integrate with our Leaderboard flawlessly. We will be happy to create professional scorecards for your WOSs - to guarantee a grate event day.
  • What's left: For all other questions we will be there for you, too. You have got a question about event management itself or advertising, graphics, photos, Sponsors, etc, just talk to us.

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Concept 2 - Integration

World premier at the WOD-Arena 2016
First time shown to the public at the Icehouse in Eppelheim, the new Competition-Tool for concept 2 rowers is now available.

With our tool you can connect the rowers to each other and show the results on screens or projectors. This enables you to let athletes compete in a transparent way. Team members as spectators can track speed and calories live. On top of that the current rank is displayed and highly motivates the athletes.

This works for the concept2 SkiErgs as well!

Of course, you can get more information to this by contacting us!



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plus setup fee of € 29,-

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*1One participant is defined as one complete competition team or a single person, depending on you choice of competition groups.

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