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The myBoxLog GymManagement is a complete tool to organize and manage your gym. It is easy to use and available at a fair price.

Following management tools are available to you with myBoxLog GymManagement:

Profile page

Here you can publish all the information about you and your box.

You can store the following information on the profile page:

  • Welcome message
  • Drop-in Athlete information
  • Contact details including a map
  • Upcomming classes
  • Coaches list

Class Schedule

The schedule will show all public classes. By clicking on the schedule entry a class can be booked. The amount of taken spots is graphically shown. A click on the entry shows the class details

Features of the class schedule are:

  • Single and recurring appointments
  • Sign in and sign off deadlines
  • List of participants
  • Waiting list with automatic booking
  • Min. and max. number of participants
  • Coaches & Locations
  • Sign in restrictions based on contracts and skill levels

Member Management

Using the member management part you get all the information about your customers, like attendance, skill levels, payment information and contract details. Furthermore you can store contact details and notes to your members.

Staff Management

Like members the system can manage your staff. Contact details and a coaches profile can be stored. This is the place where authorization to myBoxLog management is granted.

Contract Management

Individually create membership contracts or plans. Group restrictions and entry requirements can be enforced. Single drop ins, X-Pack Sessions, X-times per Week plans up to unlimited plans, near to anything is possible. Variating contract periods, special-offer prices and discounts can be used.

Benchmarks & Skill level

The logging of skill levels and benchmarks lets you divide your athletes into skill level groups. Benchmarks can be recorded by the Atheletes themselves. These Benchmarks can be used to easily create restrictions, that can be enforced in the class schedule, on sign-in.

Android & iOS App

The myBoxLog-App features the class schedule, supporting sign-up / sign-off from classes and showing the full schedule. Furthermore you have access to the most important contract information.


Choose the package that suits you best. You only pay for what you consume.


per month
  • 17,95€
  • -
  • -


per month
  • 17,95€
  • 0,49 €*
  • 0,29 €*


per month
  • 17,95€
  • 0,95 €*
  • 0,69 €*

All prices VAT of 19% included
*The price takes effect per active member during the accounting month. Inactive members are free of charge.

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